Accreditations & Partnerships

The only GRI-certified trainers in Portugal belong to Team Stravillia

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

We are the only GRI Certified Training Partner in Portugal

AccountAbility (AA)

We are an Accountability Licensed Assurance Provider for the independent verification of sustainability reports according to the AA1000AS standard.

+ 10 years of accreditation by AA1000AS

Associations & Partnerships

Business Council for Sustainable Development

We are members of the BCSD, actively participating in the development of sustainable solutions for companies.


We are members of GRACE, an association whose aim is to promote the concepts of corporate citizenship and corporate social responsibility.


We are partners of aplanet, representing its sustainability information management products


Somos parceiros de uma rede internacional de consultoria que nos permite partilhar experiência e conhecimento

Portuguese Diversity Charter

We are signatories of the and endeavour to promote diversity in our team, as well as in our clients and partners.