GRI Certified Trainings

Sustainability Reporting – GRI Standards – 2021 UPDATE

4 to 7 July | 26 to 29 september | 21 a 24 november (Online Editions)

Sustainability reports are an important tool for accountability and a measure of transparency by organizations.

SDG – Integration in the sustainability management and reporting process

30 September | 25 November (Online Editions)

The active participation of companies is a determining factor in achieving these goals, but best practice for corporate reporting on the SDGs has yet to be established and GRI is at the forefront of creating a methodology.

Human Rights – Understanding and reporting under GRI Standards (2021 Update)

 10 & 11 October | 28 & 29 November (Online Editions)

Sustainability reporting can assist companies in becoming aware of and understanding the human rights impacts of their decisions and activities. GRI Standards, in their 2021 update, provide a comprehensive framework that can be used by organisations to report and manage their human rights impacts, including due diligence processes.