Best Communication, Better Leadership (in partnership with CSK)
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Organizations today need leaders who can communicate a clear vision and strategy, maintain a sustainable culture of innovation and high performance. Authentic leadership is based on self-knowledge and the development of emotional and social intelligence. These elements are also the foundations of the Process Communication Model (PCM) Personality Profile that will be the basis for the development of this workshop. The PCM allows in an objective manner to define individual and concrete ways to return to your organization and strengthen the perception of the traits of confidence and passion in your leadership.

Main Goals

  • Identify and develop greater confidence in the strengths of your preferred style of leadership and interaction
  • Recognize and define strategies for the points to reinforce in your leadership
  • Identify and define strategies for your predictable behavior in stress.
  • Identify the main measures for the development of your leadership style


  • Key to Me – ndividual PCM personality profile
  • My preferred style of communication and leadership
  • How to use other complementary leadership styles for more effective communication
  • Motivation: mine and my team members
  • Developing the ability to recognize your predictable behavior patterns in stress
  • Action plan for developing communication and interaction with your team members

Suitable for

  • Management Positions
  • Company HR
  • Team leaders


  • Online survey application 10 days before the Workshop starts to all participants to identify their PCM Model Personality profile
  • Individual PCM reports will be delivered on the day of the training
  • PCM Model Presentation
  • Reflection on individual and team results with the PCM profile
  • Case study


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Ana Ferreira

Communication Skills Consulting Partner

Susana Valente

Stakeholder Engagement Expert

Value & Format

  • On Site: 1 day from 9:00 to 18:00

450€ (plus VAT at the current legal rate). Includes lunch, coffee-breaks and training material.

  • Online: 2 days from 14:00 to 17:00

350€ (plus VAT at the current rate). Includes digital training material.

  • Intra-company: adapted to the needs of your company. Please contact us for more information

Discount Policy

10% discount for: 2 or more participants from the same organization; Stravillia clients; APEA, BCSD, GRACE associates and B Corp companies.