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Francisco Neves

Catarina Furtado


Catarina has a vast professional experience in carbon topics, having worked with countless sectors of economic activity, including Local and Central Government, Tourism, Retail, Banking, Construction, Airports and ICT. She has also been working on the theme of the sustainability report, supported by the development of manuals, fact sheets and information gathering platforms. Previously, she provided technical support to a software development team in the area of carbon emissions management, as well as assurance of Sustainability Reports and Carbon Emissions Inventories. Her consultant portfolio includes: Development of corporate strategies focused on Climate Change; Calculation and verification of the carbon footprint; Development of greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals; Monitoring the progress and effectiveness of measures; Brand development associated with greenhouse gas offsetting; and also supply chain and environmental impact. Catarina has a degree in Environmental Engineering from the Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa. She participated in two Portuguese Presidencies of the EU Council (2000 and 2007), as part of the team that assisted the negotiations under the Kyoto Protocol.